Bushido Tenshin Aikido Federation

Sinclair Sensei leading a seminar in Philly

The Bushido Tenshin Aikido Federation is dedicated to the support and development of Aikido dojos all over the world. Providing a unique and practical approach to the art of Aikido, we support all schools and clubs interested in learning the skills of this unique form.

The Bushido Tenshin Aikido Federation is dedicated to practicing and sharing our Aikido. We are free from politics, egos and distractions. We provide positive, supportive guidance on and off the mat to help everyone succeed and achieve their Aikido goals.

Those seeking to convert from other forms will find we honor all ranks and certifications. We seek to provide more skills, not replace the ones you have earned already.


Whether looking to start a club, or have an existing school, we welcome you in and will help you grow.

Several strategies are available for beginners and those accomplished Aikidoka looking to study the Tenshin ways. Seminars, private sessions and DVD learning systems are all available to help in your transition to this powerful martial art.

Aikido Redefined

Araujo Sensei

Aikido can be effective without having to invest years in practice.

Starting at day one, students are trained in foot work and how to manage a fall or takedown without injury. This is immediately followed by in-depth striking and deflection training. This system allows students with only a short period of training to be able to deflect an attack while taking an advantageous position and execute counter strikes. As understanding in techniques increase, so does the student's available martial tools. Before long, students can not only defend themselves through striking, but are capable of complete control over an attacker.

Sinclair Sensei

Bushido Tenshin Aikido provides a martial approach to the art of Aikido.

While honoring traditional Aikido, Bushido Tenshin Aikido takes a different approach by using both traditional and non-traditional attacks and techniques. Built on the foundation of Tenshin deflections, footwork and ukemi, Bushido Tenshin Aikido forges a different path from the standard traditional Aikido.